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Elena's Esthetics is the only spa on Cape Breton Island that uses and sells Vivescence products

Information from the Vivescence website:

The VIVESCENCE® Universe

A meeting among experts in the field of cosmetology (chemists, engineers, researchers...), each driven by their desire to help women in their quest to recapture younger looking skin, is what led to the creation of the most advanced anti-aging technology: VIVESCENCE®.

The result of serious scientific consideration and collaboration between an outstanding panel of international experts, Laboratoires VIVESCENCE® developed professional, leading-edge treatments and combined them with complex product lines, thereby merging the most powerful and effective active ingredients with anti-aging technology. Continually challenged by the aging process, VIVESCENCE® has become a leader in the field of neuro-cellular.

The VIVESCENCE® Philosophy

Since we believe that the secret to effective anti-aging skin care lies in the multiplicity and variety of its action on skin cells, VIVESCENCE® has perfected the Synchronized Liftometry concept, an anti-aging program based on the synergy that is created by combining VIVESCENCE®'s spa treatments with its professional and at-home treatments.

This multi-faceted approach to fighting the signs of aging produces highly effective results that cannot be compared with the results obtained through isolated action alone. In fact, by combining and adding highly concentrated actives to the latest technological breakthroughs, (micro-currents, light therapy, etc.), women can enjoy visible results that are immediate and long-lasting, while addressing their own specific anti-aging concerns.

At the very heart of VIVESCENCE® is a three-dimensional dynamic that confers excellence and quality to this state-of-the-art brand which continually strives to innovate.

Synchronized Liftometry

Three years of intensive research went into creating this method that exponentially accelerates the restructuring processes which, in turn, activate the youthful mechanisms within the cells.

The Synchronized Liftometry program, which revolves around 4 targeted anti-aging solutions, namely anti-fatigue, anti-wrinkle, anti-gravity, and anti-degradation, specifically focuses on the skin structures by stimulating the production of 4 types of collagen, and promoting exchanges between the tissues in the dermal-epidermal junction. The results are unprecedented and stand out owing to the fact that they help maintain cellular integrity, improve skin texture, brightness and smoothness, as well as rejuvenate and redefine the facial contours.

This youth-seeking GPS, with its unique cell vector technology, hones in on and launches a targeted attack on skin aging at its source, reprogramming youthful functions back into the heart of the cells.

Thanks to Synchronized Liftometry, VIVESCENCE® has not only reinvented the concept of time as we know it, but is redefining cellular youth

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